🔥 Vue Storefront Hangout 🔥 Starting in 2 hours!





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🔥 Vue Storefront Hangout 🔥 Starting in 2 hours!
By VSF Core Team • Issue #8 • View online
Vue Storefront Hangout is live today in 2 hours
Join us to check out how we manage with developing the new products: Storefront UI, Shopware PWA, Storefront API, and Vue Storefront Next.

Vue Storefront Core Team Hangout - 20.12.2019
Vue Storefront Core Team Hangout - 20.12.2019
- Introduction - Piotr Karwatka [5min],
- Vue Storefront status and Roadmap - Piotr Karwatka, Patryk Andrzejewski [5min]
- R&D: Vue Storefront Next status - Filip Rakowski, Patryk Andrzejewski [10min],
- shopware-pwa status - Patryk Tomczyk [5min],
- Storefront UI status - Filip Rakowski, Przemek Spaczek [5min],
- Storefront Api - Piotr Karwatka [5min]
- Ask Me Anything :-) [25min]
Link to livestream:
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VSF Core Team

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