Vue Storefront ecosystem is growing. Join the Livestream and see what's happening! | VSF Newsletter #11





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Vue Storefront ecosystem is growing. Join the Livestream and see what's happening! | VSF Newsletter #11
By VSF Core Team • Issue #11 • View online
Vue Storefront is no longer a single PWA framework. It is now the core product in the entire ecosystem of front-end tools. However, the more products there are, the more different goals we have to achieve. In the Livestream, we will present the whole ecosystem to make it clear where we are heading.

News and announcements
Livestream - Join Core Team Hangout
27 FEB at 2 PM CET
The Ecosystem of Vue Storefront products
Video: API Client | Vue Storefront Next
Must see
Video: How to install Vue Storefront on Windows
So crazy and amazing to see how much @VueStorefront has grown over the years to become a standard for frontend e-commerce today. This talk by @filrakowski is such a great walk through of how that growth happened #VuejsAmsterdam
Upcoming Webinar
Headless Commerce Webinar | 
Nosto & Vue Storefront
The latest module releases
Live projects
There are over 50 live projects on Vue Storefront! Discover a few selected VSF-based PWA implementations:
  1. Dickies Work Gear 
  2. Flaspo
  3. Golden Scent
  4. Wszystkie Uchwyty
  5. Sabse Sasta Dukaan
P.S. If you’ve created a project based on Vue Storefront or know of any live projects out there, let us know at:
Welcome to our new VSF partners
In the past months, the Vue Storefront family has expanded with the introduction of Solveda and BitBag - we’re glad to have you among our VS partners. Also, the eCommerce part of Get.Noticed (Core Partner) is now Lakefields!
Events and meetups
Vue Storefront hit 6200 stars on GitHub. Join us!
Give us a star to make our start to 2020 even better!
P.S. Have some important news or know about any upcoming events?  Let us know at to share it in next month’s newsletter.
If you have any questions regarding Vue Storefront in general, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.
Feel free to jump into the Vue Storefront forum and blog at any time.
Vue Storefront Team
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VSF Core Team

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