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⚡ ONLY TODAY ⚡ Join us & support Storefront UI | Vue Storefront

⚡ ONLY TODAY ⚡ Join us & support Storefront UI | Vue Storefront
By VSF Core Team • Issue #2 • View online
Storefront UI needs your support on Product Hunt!
Show your love for the premiere of this eCommerce Vue.js library based on Vue Storefront elements, today!

Filip Rakowski
We've just launched a @ProductHunt campaign for @StorefrontUI - customizable and performant @vuejs library for eCommerce and not only! If you like what we are building and want to support us we'd be more than happy if you decide to upvote! #javascript #pwa
What is Storefront UI?
Storefront UI is an independent, Vue.js-based library of UI components for developers, designers, and agencies striving to build fabulous storefronts. It has its roots in atomic design, Google’s UX playbook and Vue Storefront’s experience in creating online stores.
What is it’s background?
While most component libraries provide a great experience out of the box, they fail when it comes to heavy customization and performance. Our goal with Storefront UI was to overcome this problem and create a library that looks great, is performant and can be customized in any way you want.
How can you use it?
Just like Vue Storefront, Storefront UI leverages the Vue.js framework. As always, we released it under an open-source license. You can take Storefront UI elements as they are, easily customize them with props and slots in Storefront UI, or change them entirely with your own html. You can also take the whole Storefront UI library and adjust it globally with SCSS variables.
Storefront UI is currently in alpha and needs your support to grow. Support it on Product Hunt and join as a contributor.
Let’s make components library that can finally be customized exactly how we want. 💥🚀
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