Big update: Vue Storefront - which is no longer an R&D project - also became number one on the commercetools marketplace!





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Big update: Vue Storefront - which is no longer an R&D project - also became number one on the commercetools marketplace!
By VSF Core Team • Issue #12 • View online
The Vue Storefront Next is reaching maturity and—with two natively implemented integrations with Shopware and commercetools—is officially changing to production-ready status. Check out what we are planning next!

News and announcements
Vue Storefront Next is no longer R&D
Vue Storefront accelerating enterprise commerce initiatives with commercetools
Capybara Theme 1.0rc2 is ready for production usage
PWA iOS: catching up the native app race with iOS 13
BreakHarbor store’s smooth transition from to Vue Storefront
Must see
Spree Commerce and Vue Storefront integration for uncompromising mobile users
How Storefront UI solves website accessibility issues with custom directives
Implementing headless eCommerce - on the real-life case study of LoveCrafts
Yehor Shytikov: PWA is a real revolution not only in eCommerce
Maya Shavin: Accessibility issues have been neglected for years and Storefront UI can cover this gap
Live projects
There are over 100 live projects on Vue Storefront! Discover a few selected VSF-based PWA implementations:
  1. Bathroom Mountain
  2. Auto Partner 24
  3. Bardotti
  4. SN Sklep
  5. Craftsoles
  6. Street Supply
P.S. If you’ve created a project based on Vue Storefront or know of any live projects out there, let us know at:
The latest module releases
New VSF Partners
In the past months, the Vue Storefront family has expanded with the introduction of:
We’re glad to have you among our VSF Partners!
Give us feedback!
Vue Storefront hit 6,600 stars on GitHub. Join us!
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