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Don't miss anything! Fresh news, updates, and community notes all in one place. Delivered straight to your inbox. Enjoy! 😉

Don't miss anything! Fresh news, updates, and community notes all in one place. Delivered straight to your inbox. Enjoy! 😉

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Vue Storefront takes another huge step forward! The Shopify integration is here, but that is not all that we have got to share.

Upcoming Webinar: 17th SeptemberSave the date! We will let you know in near future what you can expect from upcoming Vue Storefront Hangout. Product updates, Roadmap news and many more!What do you think about Vue Storefront?Jump to our short survey to share y…


Big update: Vue Storefront - which is no longer an R&D project - also became number one on the commercetools marketplace!

There are over 100 live projects on Vue Storefront! Discover a few selected VSF-based PWA implementations:Bathroom Mountain Partner 24 https://bardotti.plSN Sklep…


Vue Storefront ecosystem is growing. Join the Livestream and see what's happening! | VSF Newsletter #11

There are over 50 live projects on Vue Storefront! Discover a few selected VSF-based PWA implementations:Dickies Work Gear Flaspo Golden Scent Wszystkie Uchwyty Sabse Sasta Dukaan More at If you’ve created a pro…


Vue Storefront Blog is live, but that is just the beginning. See what’s coming NEXT!

Shopware Partners Day - Developer Preview & AftermovieThe recent second edition of the Shopware Partner Day was a blast! Watch Aftermovie and let’s not forget about PWA-related themes there. As a Shopware official partner, we showed off our Shopware PWA t…


Vue Storefront development speeds up! See the roadmap and all the R&D pipelines | Vue Storefront Newsletter #9

Vue Storefront Core Team HangoutFor those who missed our Live Stream or just want to have a quick recap of our Roadmap - here it is, the video from our Vue Storefront Core Team Hangout.


🔥 Vue Storefront Hangout 🔥 Starting in 2 hours!

- Introduction - Piotr Karwatka [5min],- Vue Storefront status and Roadmap - Piotr Karwatka, Patryk Andrzejewski [5min]- R&D: Vue Storefront Next status - Filip Rakowski, Patryk Andrzejewski [10min],- shopware-pwa status - Patryk Tomczyk [5min],- Storefro…


What’s Next? Join our hangout this Friday!

There are over 50 projects live on Vue Storefront! Discover the few selected VSF-based PWA implementations:Zadig & Voltaire - Zadig&Voltaire is a well-known fashion brand that operates on 3 continents.Gastro Hero - Gastro Hero is german B2B eCommerce …


Webinar: The Right Way to Launch & Grow PWAs | Nov. 13th, 2PM CET

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a new standard for building mobile websites and mobile apps, allowing your shoppers to get a native-like experience directly from the web. Unlike regular responsive eCommerce sites, PWAs are ultra-fast and SEO-friendly.


News and updates on eCommerce PWA | Vue Storefront newsletter

So far, Vue Storefront has over 30 projects live out there. Discover the latest VS-based PWA implementations:Philip SteinBareblendsPeregrineALMA GREEN DesignMore at: If you created a project based on Vue Storefront or know …


Celebrating 5k stars on Github together! ⭐

Remember, we are not stopping here. Each day we change Vue Storefront to make it the best PWA solution on the market. Keep reading to check the latest changes, improvements, and community updates! Enjoy the reading!


Let’s celebrate together - join the Vue Storefront video 🎥

We want to show how many great people are contributing to №1 Open Source PWA for eCommerce. That’s why we want to create a short video, and we’ll be incredibly happy if you take part in it :)It’ll be a video that shows contributors and partners from around th…


⚡ ONLY TODAY ⚡ Join us & support Storefront UI | Vue Storefront

What is Storefront UI?Storefront UI is an independent, Vue.js-based library of UI components for developers, designers, and agencies striving to build fabulous storefronts. It has its roots in atomic design, Google’s UX playbook and Vue Storefront’s experienc…


Vue Storefront newsletter: a new journey begins!

Wondering what the latest implementations of Vue Storefront are? Well, here’s the short list:Meubelplaats Store by Vendic Kubota Store by New Fantastic Kentaur Store by Improving